Optical Ground Wires / OPGW

Optical Ground Wires (OPGW)


AEC specialises in supplying various types of optical ground wires (OPGWs). These include OPGWs with central or stranded type optical units consisting of:

  • Aluminium Tube,
  • Stainless Steel Tube or
  • Aluminium Clad Steel Tube and wire stranding comprising of:
  • Aluminium 1350 wires,
  • Aluminium Clad Steel Wires or
  • A combination of Aluminium (1350) and Aluminium Clad Steel Wires.

The design of OPGWs depend on several factors such as:

  • Fibre Count
  • Fibre Type
  • Fault Rating (kA/sec)
  • Circuit Length
  • Minimum Cable Rated Tensile Strength
  • Maximum Cable Diameter
  • Maximum Cable Weight
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Maximum Span Length

We recommend a custom designed OPGW to meet your specific requirements.

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